Contemporary Hanukkah Decorations

Magical Blue Nose Bears. . . A Timeless Hanukkah Tradition
8" Height
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Children young and old look forward to the annual Hanukkah visits from these magical Blue Nose Bears, who through their adventurous "Antics" bring wonder, magic and plenty of surprises that will be treasured for many generations.
Our Blue Nose Bear came to visit us shortly before Hanukkah.  Our daughter woke up in the morning to find her Bear sitting on the kitchen counter with a Hanukkah poem (which explains the Bear's Hanukkah visit).  Here is a brief summary;
. . .You see, I'm sent for Hanukkah,
To visit you at home,
Together we shall play,
Until it's time we say, "Shalom". . .
Magic Powers:  Choose a name for your Blue Nose Bear so it can gain magic powers.  By midnight, your bear will fly around and hide until it is found in the morning.
Treats:  The Blue Nose Bears are very good at sniffing out chocolate coins (gelt), which happens to be their favorite snack - so be sure to put a few out every night.  By morning, only the wrapper and a few crumbs will remain.
Notes:  Your flying Bear communicates by sometimes writing notes of sweet thoughts, new jokes or even a note explaining how your Bear could not help but get involved in last night's "Antics".  Notes are found beside your Bear in the morning.
Antics:  Evidence of these midnight Antics are discovered in the morning. These hilarious and sometimes mischievous acts can happen on as many or as few nights as you choose. (Click here to see List of Antics)
Toy Maker:  On Hanukkah nights, might your Blue Nose Bear fly to the Toy Maker?  Were you naughty or nice? 
When Hanukkah is over, all Blue Nose Bears must fly back to their homes.  They leave good-bye notes for their new friends - and of course one last mischievous Antic!  The tradition will resume on Hanukkah next year so make sure to leave out some Chocolate Hanukkah Coins to help the Bears sniff their way back to your home. 
Sometimes, a year is far too long for a Blue Nose to stay away, so they may occasionally fly back to visit on birthdays or other special occasions.