Contemporary Hanukkah Decorations

Night Time Blue Nose Bear Antics
Blue Nose Bears love to decorate with toilet paper.  One morning you wake up to find toilet paper hung all around the living room.
You discover that your Bear made jelly filled donuts (suvganiyot) during the night but has left behind a huge mess including flour on the counter and an open jar of jam.  I like dropping one or two teaspoon full of jam onto the counter with the dirty spoon next to it.  
There is a note from the Blue Bear that says he had a dream that everyone had a blue nose.  The note also says he has a surprise for you in the medicine cabinet.  In the mirror's reflection, your child discovers that he/she has a blue nose (painted with eye shadow).
Your Bear used a removable window marker to draw funny faces and/or mustaches on the glass of all the framed family pictures. :-) 
Last night, your Blue Nose Bear filled the Menorah with candles because he is anxious to light them all.  Looks like you might need to teach him the story of Hanukkah again.
Your Bear took your iPhone and took pictures of himself.
There was a marshmallow fight with all the other stuffed animals and marshmallow are everywhere!
You find your Bear stuck upside down in the cookie jar.
By morning time, your bear is sitting on the sofa surrounded by all your Hanukkah story books.  He is busy reading one of the books.
Blue Nose Bears are excellent artists.  Your Bear has drawn pictures of Dreidels, Menorahs and Star of Davids for you.  All the crayons have been left spread out all over the table.  "Bear, it is not nice not to clean up after yourself".
Your Bear is found in the morning with a note that reads, "I really hope Dad likes his surprise".  Soon Dad wakes up and finds his toe nails have been painted blue.  If you want to make it even funnier, you can say that you don't have any nail polish remover, now the Bear is in really big trouble! 
In addition to your Bears' nightly adventures, they leave notes and sometimes Hanukkah jokes.  Here are a few of the Hanukkah jokes we enjoy the most;

 Why did the suvganiyot (donuts) go to the dentist?
Answer: To get their jelly fillings.
How do you make a tissue dance?
Answer: Put a little boogie in it.
Why do sea-gulls fly over the sea?
Answer: Because if they flew over the bay they would be called bagels.
There are two spinning Dreidels. 
One stops spinning and says,"I'm getting dizzy."
The other Dreidel stops and says,
"Oh my goodness, it's a talking Dreidel."
 What did the envelope say to the stamp?
Answer: Stick with me and we'll go to Israel together.
What do you call a penguin in the Sinai desert?
Answer: Lost!
What burns longer, a blue candle or white candle?
Answer: Neither, both burn shorter
What's white and tastes like blue paint?
Answer: White paint.
What did Adam say on the first night of Hanukkah?
Answer: It's Hanukkah, Eve!
In the morning you find your Blue Nose Bear hiding in the freezer with a note saying he needed to cool off.
Last night your Bear used some yarn, a paper clip and a basket to build a zip-line in your living room.  Your child wakes up to find his/her Bear zipping across the room.  A few nights later, your Bear builds more zip-lines in other rooms of the house.
Your Bear had a Hanukkah movie night with some of the other toys.  In the morning, you find your Bear watching a Hanukkah video and munching on a bag of popcorn.  Sometimes your child's Bear makes a small mess with the popcorn and even has a few popped kernels on top of his head.
Your Blue Nose Bear brought you a Hanukkah Bush and set it up with the lights.  Ornaments, sparkles and glitter are in a gift wrapped box.  Now everyone can enjoy decorating the Hanukkah Bush.
There is a message written on the bathroom mirror (use paper and tape if needed).  It was a hint to where the Bear is hiding and led to the next clue.  The next clue led to another and then another until the Bear was finally found.
What a mess!  Blue Nose Bears love to build forts.  Your Bear took out most of the food from the pantry and built a fort out of the boxes and cans.  You find your Bear hiding in the fort.
The Bears decorated your windows with spray snow from cans.  They wrote, "Believe in the magic of Bears and Hanukkah."
There was a snow ball fight during the night and in the morning you find cotton balls everywhere.
Your Bear loves Post-it Notes and stuck them all over the house.
A note that was found beside your Bear that says he/she would like to go shopping today for a toy for a needy child and later donates it to a local toy drive.
All your paintings have been switched around and some were hung upside down.
Your Bear took all your daughter's dolls and dressed them up.
Your Bear took all your son's cars and lined them up in a row.
In the morning your find chocolate coins scattered all over the kitchen counter.
Coat hangers were hung from your ceiling fan or light fixture and you find your Bear climbing them.
You find your Bear hiding in the microwave with a cup of hot chocolate.
Your Bear's favorite colour is blue and so is the water in the toilet bowl (food colouring)!  You find your Bear sitting on top of the toilet tank.  There is a message written on the mirror explaining that blue is his favorite colour.
Your Bear baked cookies last night and left flour all over the counter with his name written in it!
Your Bear got into the underwear drawer last night and hung underwear all over the dinning room.
In the morning you find your Bear playing with your video games.
This morning you can't find your Bear anywhere.  Soon, Mom and Dad notice that the car has been moved from it's regular parking spot to another parking spot.  When Dad and/or Mom and your child go to move the car back to it's parking spot, you find your Bear asleep on top of the steering wheel.  When you start the car, the music is playing LOUD and the gas tank is almost empty. You almost had a full tank last night.  I wonder where your Bear could have gone during the night!
There are many more nightly adventures that take place including games of dreidel played with other stuffed animals, clues that lead to more and clues that lead to the discovery of a small treat, surprise or gift.  Let your imagination flow and create lasting Hanukkah memories to be cherished by everyone in your family.
We would enjoy hearing about your family's Bear-Antics.  Please share them with us at